Blinded By the Light - The Blinding Light of Fed Guidance

By Ken Fisher, Real Clear Markets, 08/11/2022

Is forward guidance dead? Just as Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell announced he and his crew would quit telegraphing future interest rate moves last month, he kept jabbering about … future interest rate moves. Other Talking Fed heads followed. This Fed flip-flop exemplifies everything wrong with forward guidance: It threatens central bank credibility while telling investors nothing useful. Members’ views change too frequently and err too often to have ever meant much. The guidance is better with no guidance.

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The Unseen Entanglement Shows How Stocks’ Recovery Should Look

By Ken Fisher, LinkedIn, 07/27/2022

When world stocks and the S&P 500 entered an official bear market on June 13, it prompted a flood of fearful headlines proclaiming worse ahead. Overwhelmingly pundits see the post mid-June uptick as a bear market rally—and one sure to fizzle into a deeper decline. Perhaps. But as I detailed in May, now is no time to fall prey to The Great Humiliator’s tricks and fearfully sell. It is a time to position for the future recovery. Here I explain why it is most likely led by growth stocks.

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The Midterm Election Miracle Set to Soothe Stocks

By Ken Fisher, Real Clear Markets, 07/26/2022

After a difficult, fearful first half, so many worry only worse lies ahead. But this year’s second half holds a secret stock market force hiding in plain sight: America’s midterm elections. Yes, those raucous contests voters hate. They routinely deliver the relative or absolute gridlocked, do-nothing governments stocks love—and buoy markets in route. Let me explain.

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The 'Strong Dollar' Is Not Something You Should Worry About

By Ken Fisher, Real Clear Markets, 07/14/2022

After a first-half fear fest, a new scare story has investors shivering: the Attack of the Greenback. The US dollar is up 9.0% this year against a trade-weighted basket of global currencies and 16.1% since last June. It is flirting with parity against the euro for the first time in 20 years and at 30-year highs against the yen and pound.

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Who You Gonna Call? PoDbusters!

By Ken Fisher, LinkedIn, 06/27/2022

On the whacky side, while the S&P 500 fell as much as -23.0% off January’s high, piercing the -20% bear market threshold, it still acts a lot like an oversized correction—in one peculiar way. It seems fueled by seemingly endless scary stories that, alone or in combination, lack enough power to cause all the bad so many fear. It’s hard to get your head around them all. 

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Myopia Is Misery: Look to the Growth-Led Recovery That's Lurking

By Ken Fisher, Real Clear Markets, 06/25/2022

Many argue that newly confirmed bear market has long and far to fall—particularly for big Tech and growth stocks. Others just fear it. Maybe. With inflation-phobia globally, Russian attacks threatening grain supplies and endless intensifying recession chatter, the bad news won’t vanish overnight.

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It's time to buy the Big Tech dip

By Aaron Anderson, Reuters, 06/21/2022

Shares in technology giants have plummeted this year - with Apple 25% down, Amazon 36% and Facebook owner Meta Platforms 51% lower as fears of a U.S. recession grow. But Fisher Investments' Aaron Anderson told us now is the time to buy - before they bounce back up.

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