Macro Minutes: Challenges and Solutions for Net Zero/Paris-Aligned Investors

In our latest Macro Minutes video, Senior Responsible Investments Manager Seth Groener discusses the challenges investors face in simultaneously meeting both their financial and ‘Net Zero’ climate goals. He also reviews common features of Net Zero initiatives and shares a hypothetical Paris-aligned equity framework.

Key Points

  • Net zero strategies lack industry standards, but common features include keeping portfolio emissions on a Paris-aligned pathway, financing the transition to a low carbon economy and active ownership.
  • Investors face real challenges in implementing net zero strategies and should consider investment risks in evaluating strategies.
  • Investment portfolio decarbonization is just one aspect of responsible investing and investors should partner with experienced managers on their unique goals.

*The foregoing information constitutes the views of Fisher Investments based on information believed to be reliable. There can be no assurances that Fisher Investments will continue to hold these views. These views may change at any time based on new information, analysis, or reconsideration.
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