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We encourage our clients to think of our firm as an extension of their own research department. The firm participates in a wide range of research and service activities in support of our investment strategies and client-led studies.

Macro Minutes: Inflation and the 3-Month Rule

In our latest Macro Minutes video, Capital Markets Research Analyst Luke Puetz explains why Fisher Investments believes the recent heightened inflation is likely to fade as the pace of economic growth normalizes.

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Infographic: Strong Supply and Delta Variant Challenge Energy

Energy has recently underperformed as the Delta variant impacts demand recovery, while the sector faces future fundamental headwinds as oil supply is ample set to increase with additional OPEC barrels and growing U.S. production. 

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Macro Minutes: India, Market Leader or Laggard

In our latest Macro Minutes video, Capital Markets Research Analyst Galen Donaldson covers our top-down views of India.

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Global Markets Review and Outlook Q2 2021

Inside, you will find a summary of market activity and our market outlook.

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Macro Insights Q3 2021

Macro Insights: Fisher Investments' global, macro perspective in charts.

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Infographic: How Have Macro Trends Shaped Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets (EM) equities are not a static asset class. While shifting macro trends have transformed EM, it remains a diverse universe with attractive opportunities for investors who use the right approach.

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ESG Perspectives Newsletter Q2 2021

The ESG Perspectives Newsletter is published seasonally to keep the investment community abreast of Fisher Investments’ ESG capabilities and projects. Thus far, 2021 has been an impactful year for ESG at Fisher Investments.

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Macro Minutes: Brazil Today: Recent Political Events and Investing Opportunities

In June’s Macro Minutes video, Capital Markets Research Analyst Paige Tyson shares Fisher Investments’ views of Brazil.

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Fiscal Stimulus Is Unlikely to Cause Persistently Higher Inflation

Fiscal Stimulus Is Unlikely to Cause Persistently Higher Inflation.

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Macro Minutes: SPACs: A Key Driver of Recent Equity Supply Trends

In May’s Macro Minutes video, Capital Markets Innovation Research Analyst Tom Kirby discusses recent equity supply trends, how Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) fit into this big picture, and recent developments in the SPAC market.

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