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We encourage our clients to think of our firm as an extension of their own research department. The firm participates in a wide range of research and service activities in support of our investment strategies and client-led studies.

Global Markets Review and Outlook Q4 2020

Global markets finished 2020 positively, increasing 14.7% in Q4 to bring full-year returns to 16.3%—a testament to markets’ resiliency and forward-looking nature. Tech, Tech-like and quality, growth-oriented equities have generally led the recovery from the March low despite several countertrend value rallies.

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The Future of US Oil & Rise of Electric Vehicles

This paper seeks to explore a key ESG related theme.

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Macro Minutes: Sentiment and the Market

In January’s Macro Minutes video, Davis Hein explains how we use one particular aspect of sentiment – other professional’s forecasts – to create a sentiment bell curve which proves useful as we create our own equity market forecasts for 2021.

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Macro Minutes: Inflation and USD Movement

In November’s short Macro Minutes video, Capital Markets Research Analyst Brent Hankins discusses what today’s environment means for inflation and the US dollar.

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Global Markets Review and Outlook Q3 2020

The nascent bull market continued in Q3 as the MSCI ACWI hit new highs before encountering September turbulence—normal volatility, in our view, even this early in a bull market. Overall, global equities rose 8.1% in the quarter. Nine months in, global equities are up 1.4% on the year.

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Macro Insights Q4 2020

Macro Insights: Fisher Investments’ global macro perspective in charts.

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Macro Minutes: US Elections & Equity Markets

In this 5-minute Macro Minutes video, Capital Markets Research Analyst Jarred Kriz explains how Fisher Investments thinks objectively about politics to analyze the potential impact on markets and portfolios.

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Webinar: US Presidential Election Market Impacts

In this webinar, Senior Vice President of Research, Aaron Anderson covers the upcoming US presidential election and potential impacts on equity markets.

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ESG Perspectives Newsletter 1H 2020

The Fisher Investments ESG Perspectives Newsletter is published seasonally to keep the investment community abreast of our ESG capabilities and projects. 2020 marked a big year for ESG at Fisher Investments.

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Macro Minutes: Health Care Sector Update

In September’s Macro Minutes video, Capital Markets Research Analyst Charles Dornbush explains how Health Care’s defensive nature largely explains its performance this year. He also provides an update on the progress towards an effective COVID-19 vaccine and how the Health Care sector may be impacted by the upcoming US presidential election.

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