India, A Review of Market Drivers and Positioning


While strong economic conditions have made India an attractive investment opportunity, this is increasingly well-known and priced in, suggesting that enthusiasm for the country may fade. This piece reviews the market drivers and Fisher’s positioning within the region.

ESG Opportunities in Small Cap Equities


This piece investigates the current limitations of ESG data within the small cap equity space as compared to larger cap companies. Furthermore, we highlight the possibility for impactful change that can result from active ESG engagement with these companies.

The Challenges and Opportunities of Measuring Carbon Emissions


Portfolio-level decisions based on scope 3 carbon emissions has limitations and challenges. This paper provides an in-depth analysis of how Fisher Investments examines carbon emissions.

Why US Small Caps Today


US small caps typically outperform the first few years early in new bulls, following earnings troughs or during Fed rate cut cycles. This paper provides an in-depth analysis on the case for US small cap equities today.

Style Trends Defining Quality and Why It Matters


“Quality” as an investment characteristic is more subjective than other styles and this paper provides an in-depth analysis of how Fisher Investments examines quality.

The Future of Clean Hydrogen


This paper assess the future of clean hydrogen production and its potential uses at a macro level.

Emerging Markets and China Outlook


In our view, China’s economy should continue its gradual return towards pre-pandemic trends and avoid an economic hard landing. Furthermore, US Federal Reserve fed-funds rate hikes do not inevitably spell trouble for Emerging Markets.

Why Declining Market Breadth is a False Factor


While many see the recently falling market breadth as a negative for equities, rapidly falling market breadth hasn’t foretold bear markets, and in fact, often proceeds very positive equity returns. We believe falling market breadth is a false fear, creating space for the new bull market to continue.

Semiconductors Industry Review & Outlook


Semiconductor companies were generally hit hard during 2022’s bear market but have bounced strongly this year. Looking forward, the industry is anticipating a strong recovery out of the semiconductor downcycle and excitement around artificial intelligence.

A Bullish Case for US Equities


Widely discussed fears such as a US recession, regional banking fears or high valuations likely impacts equities far less than feared, and we remain bullish on the US heading into the second half of 2023.

Growth & Value Equity Style Outlook


We believe we are in a late cycle environment and are thus overweight larger capitalisation, Growth, high-quality equities as these style factors typically outperform towards the end of a bull market.

Commentary on January Market Volatility


Equity market volatility re-emerged over the last few weeks, but in our view, today’s issues are well-known, pre-priced concerns typically characteristic of short-term sentiment-driven volatility.

Equity Outlook


Included in our Equity Outlook, you will find our current economic, political and sentiment market drivers for selected regions in global developed and emerging markets.

Equity Outlook


Included in our Equity Outlook, you will find our current economic, political and sentiment market drivers for selected regions in global developed and emerging markets.

Chinese Regulations Mirror Developed Markets Regulations


As investor concerns surrounding regulatory developments coming from US, EU and China intensifies, we highlight our views as to why we think it is unlikely that their worst fears are realised.

Automobile Industry and Electric Vehicle Trends


The rise of the Electric Vehicle (EV) has been a hot topic recently with media highlighting how new entrants to the automobile industry can change the future. This content piece seeks to discuss the automobile industry and EV trends at large.

China: Recent Market Volatility, Outlook and Investment Opportunities


This paper discusses the reasons for recent volatility within the Chinese equity market as well as short-term and long-term investment opportunities within the space.

A Top-Down Perspective on Emerging and Developed Market Drivers


This paper seeks to explore what factors could influence a transition in leadership from developed markets to emerging markets. Through a top-down lens, we look at economic, political and sentiment drivers that influence investment returns in each category.

Index Concentration From a Macro Perspective


In this paper, we will explore why investors are worried about index concentration risk as well as demonstrate why focusing on cyclicality of market is critical.

Top-Down ESG Considerations in South Africa


This paper highlights our current views on South Africa and explains how ESG issues, viewed from a top-down perspective, can influence our investment decisions.

Primary Drivers to Brazil Overweight


For applicable strategies, positioning within Brazil is based on both country fundamental convictions, as well as broader sector preferences. The overweight is based on three main convictions, deployed across Resources and Commodities, Financials and Consumer Discretionary.

Equity Outlook


Included in our Equity Outlook, you will find our current economic, political and sentiment market drivers for selected regions in global developed and emerging markets.

Future Headwinds for Financials


When value equities led briefly in Q4 2020 driven by positive COVID-19 vaccine news, some investors presumed it was the start of a longer-lasting leadership rotation that would benefit banks, one of the largest value industries. While that rally has since faded, some suspect it previews what is to come once economies begin to reopen.

The Future of US Oil & Rise of Electric Vehicles


This paper seeks to explore a key ESG related theme, the future of US Oil Demand and Rise of Electric Vehicles, for potential opportunities & associated risks.

Market Cycle Analysis


In our view, the Big Growth and Small Value performance cycle is linked to the business cycle and yield curve. We also believe the flattening yield curve and cyclical shift from investment–driven growth to consumption-driven growth points to Big Growth outperformance moving forward.

ESG Trends


Highlights macro trends and the popularity of various ESG investing approach.

China's Long March Toward Freer Markets


China’s economic miracle—its 30-plus year path of rapid advance and development to become the world’s second-largest economy—is often seen as uniquely Chinese, an isolated case of policymakers luckily pulling all the right levers to conjure growth. To us, though, a longer perspective shows China’s miracle bears broad similarities to Taiwan’s, Korea’s and Japan’s (with some admittedly Chinese characteristics). We believe a look at how China’s “miracle” resembles those before it—and at some key differences—can add valuable perspective on its present situation and the likely path forward.

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