ESG Perspectives Newsletter Q3 2022

The ESG Perspectives Newsletter is published seasonally to keep the investment community abreast of Fisher Investments’ ESG capabilities and projects. This edition covers FI’s corporate engagement highlights, the US Supreme Court’s ruling on EPA authority, and our response to evolving regulations.

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  1. Corporate Engagement Highlights: Describes the progress FIIG and PMG made in persuading companies to strengthen their ESG performance – successes include developing a net-zero emissions goal and ceasing business operations in an area with prevalent human rights abuses.
  2. Engagement in Global Small Cap: Emphasizes the opportunity to engage small cap companies in order to better the investment universe by promoting ESG practices in an underserved part of financial markets.
  3. A Focus on Focus Lists: Recaps how FI’s Top-Down ESG Issues Assessment utilizes a combination of top-down quantitative and qualitative information to generate engagement focus lists.
  4. Supreme Court Limits EPA Authority: Provides background and FI’s perspective on the US Supreme Court’s ruling to limit the EPA’s authority to broadly cap carbon emissions from power plants.
  5. Preparing for Level 2 of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation: Describes how FI’s Responsible Investment team is working to meet requirements of the evolving SFDR Level 2 Regulation.
*The foregoing information constitutes the views of Fisher Investments based on information believed to be reliable. There can be no assurances that Fisher Investments will continue to hold these views. These views may change at any time based on new information, analysis, or reconsideration.

Investing in stock markets involves the risk of loss and there is no guarantee that all or any capital invested will be repaid. Past performance neither guarantees nor reliably indicates future performance.

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